NJ TYE Alum featured on Shark Tank

David Zamarin, an alum of TiE New Jersey’s TYE program and currently undergraduate at Babson (class of 2020), is the founder of DetraPel. He was featured on Shark Tank.
David walked out of Shark Tank with a $200,000 deal from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner for 25 percent of DetraPel.
DetraPel is a liquid repellent spray helps keep stains at bay. According to their website, “the superior hydrophobic liquid repellent spray…uses nanotechnology to repel almost anything off of almost any surface, from water to mud.” The spray is available for consumer, retail and industrial use and ranges in price from $12.99 to $32.99.
Mohan Venglat, President of Crescito and Chair of TiE NJ’s TYE program remembers David as a focused and driven young man. “David would commute from Pennsylvania but was always in class before anyone else. He would engage with the teachers and did not shy away from asking instructors and mentors tough questions”, he recalls. “His success with DetraPel and Shark Tank is not surprising”.


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