If you are looking to expand your investments into fast-growth ventures, TiE New Jersey Angels is a community of like-minded individuals looking to partner with others who may not be professional investors but are excited to look at interesting deals from a portfolio approach as opposed to one-off moon shot investments.

If you are a TiE NJ CM or member and an Accredited Investor (2 year Individual Income > $200k & Household Income > $300k, or Net Worth > $1M) willing to invest at least $25,000 in deals presented in the next 12 months, we want you.


TiE Angels New Jersey (TANJ) consists only of individuals interested in investing their personal funds in privately held companies or ventures typically in an early stage of development.

Membership in TiE Angels New Jersey shall only be available to

(i) all qualifying Charter Members (as such term is defined in the Bylaws of TiE) who are in good standing and elect to become members of TiE Angels; or

(ii) other individuals who are selected to join TiE Angels New Jersey, in the sole discretion of the TANJ Membership Committee, and pay an annual fee of $500.

Membership is a privilege, which is subject to annual renewal, revocation, or termination for a member’s failure to conduct himself or herself in a manner consistent with TANJ’s Membership Agreement and Code of Conduct or the requirements of Charter Membership as set forth in the Bylaws of TiE Angels New Jersey, if applicable.

Membership benefits:

-Access to a high-quality deal flow.Opportunity to invest in budding companies that have been pre-screened by domain experts using clear guidelines.

-Ability to discuss potential investments with other members who may share their interests and investment goals.

– Opportunity for new investors to learn more about angel investing and investment trends.

-Actively participate in all the TANJ activities and events.

-Opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and expand professional and social networks.


-Be proactive participants in every aspect of the groups’ activities.

-Be active private investors in startups and attend TANJ meetings on a regular basis.

-Actively seek out and identify potentially the best companies and encourage them to apply for funding from TANJ.

-Provide guidance and assistance to companies funded by TANJ.

-Uphold the values and code of conduct of TiE and TANJ.

-Be an advocate of TANJ.

TANJ will provide assistance to members as required. Investment decisions are made by individual TANJ members at their sole discretion. Investors must rely on their own diligence in making their investment decisions. TANJ does not make any recommendations on specific investments and makes no assurance or representation as to the accuracy of the information presented by any company.